Roesburg or Roseburg

1857                Large Tent, nearly opposite the School House, Bellevue, Nebraska.

Roesburg or Roseburg was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Bellevue Gazette (Bellevue City, Nebraska).  The announcement appeared on August 6, 1857  Call and Try Them.—By reference to another column, you will find the advertisement of Roseburg, the celebrated Daguerrean and Ambrotypist artist.

He will remain a few days to give you an opportunity to “Secure the shadow, ‘ere the substance fades.”

The advertisement ran from August 6 to 20, 1857.  A Good Likeness For $1.00 And upwards.  Roesburg, the well known Daguerrean and Ambrotype Artist, would respectfully invite the citizens of Bellevue, and strangers generally, to give him a call at his large Tent, or daguerrean Room, which has been put up with a large side and sky light, for taking likenesses, and having plenty of light, the pictures can be made with but little shade.  He also has the finest Stock of cases and small frames ever brought here, which he will sell cheaper, including the likenesses, than ever has been sold by any other artist in this city.  He therefore trust that all persons that wish to obtain good and cheap likenesses to give him a call, at the new and large tent, nearly opposite the School House, and in front of Pike’s Grocery Store.

N. B.—Houses, Horses and Buggies will be copied, on short notice, but only in cloudy weather, if called for soon, at reasonable prices, as he probably will not stay longer than a week.

Roesburg or Roseburg are not recorded are not recorded in other photographic directories.

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