George F. Roesberg

1855                531 Main Street, between Second and Third Streets, Louisville, Kentucky.

George F. Roesberg was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 9 to September 7, 1855 in the Daily Louisville Democrat (Louisville, Kentucky).  More Light on the Subject.  A Blue And White Double Quick Work Sky Light. just introduced by Roesberg, enables him to take Daguerreotypes in a few seconds and for the greatly reduced price of 50 cents and upwards.  It is also one of the best lights ever known to produce correct likenesses, either of children or adults.  The red hair and blue eyes have heretofore been difficult to take; but it no longer any trouble to give them the real artistic disposition of light and shade.  The new Sky Light operates as well in cloudy as in clear weather, and gives the likeness the true tone of life.  The public will therefore look to their own interest by calling of Roesberg before going to any other gallery, as there you can buy cheaper, receive a better case, and a much truer likenesses than at any other place in the city.

Just received, a splendid lot of handsome cases, such as velvet, Papier Mache, Pearl, and other kinds too numerous to mention.

Persons having Daguerreotypes badly taken by other Artists can have them retaken for 50 cents, and if not better no charge will be made, at the Mammoth Daguerrean Gallery, No. 531 Main street, between Second and Third.

George F. Roesberg is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in St. Louis, Missouri in 1860.  It is possible that they are the same person but further research is needed.

2 thoughts on “George F. Roesberg

  1. Geo F. Roesberg was for most of his life a traveling photographer (often well-to-do): New Orleans, Memphis, Louisville, St. Louis, and toward the end of his life, Houston (on Congress St). He started as a daguerreotypist and eventually moved on to tintypes (wife Emily Louise). His parents were from Saxony, but he briefly stated that he was born in Maryland (or France).

    He is cited in “Catching Shadows” by Haynes where it is claimed that he appeared in the Houston City Directories briefly after 1888, but this seems doubtful. His most likely birth-death years were 1823-1888.


    1. Apparently he (Geo.) did not live with his wife (Amelia Louise Matilda Mathiew) for many years, but after he was murdered in a Houston hotel ca Jan 1889, she showed up to claim his property. She was unsuccessful.
      The correct spelling was Roesberg.


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