J. G. Richmond

1856                Masonic Hall, Clarksburg, Virginia.

J. G. Richmond was recorded in three advertisements and three announcements in the Cooper’s Clarksburg Register (Clarksburg, Virginia).  The first advertisement ran from August 29 to October 3, 1856.  Ambrotypes.  Mr. J. G. Richmond, Respectfully solicits the attention of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Clarksburg and vicinity, to the new style of Likenesses taken on Glass, which, in beauty and life-like appearance, far excel the Daguerreotypes, and no possibility of fading, they may be emersed in water for several weeks without the slightest injury.  Rooms in the Masonic Hall, over Murphey’s and Irwin’s stores.  Instruction given on reasonable terms.  Come and see his specimens.  Daguerreotypes copied I Ambrotype and improved.

The first announcement appeared on September 5, 1856.  Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, &c.—We would recommend to those who desire a good picture of themselves or friends, to call at the rooms of Mr. Richmond, opposite the Courthouse, in this place.  His specimens embrace some of the finest we ever saw, indeed, he seems to be particularly  fortunate in tracing a life-like representation of the person before him.  This is the first time our citizens have had the opportunity of securing ambrotypes, and we advise them to take advantage of it.  They are decidedly superior to daguerreotypes.

The second announcement appeared on September 26, 1856.  Ambrotype Likenesses.—We understand that Mr. Richmond, the popular artist now in town, contemplates leaving in a few days.  We would advise all those who have not obtained an Ambrotype of themselves, to call at once as they will never have a better opportunity.

The second advertisement ran on November 7 & 14, 1856.  Ambrotype Likenesses.  “Richmond is Himself Again!”  Six Richmond’s have been slain, but one still lives, and will Take Ambrotypes at the Masonic Hall, for one week only.  Mr. R. returns his thanks for favors bestowed during his recent sojourn in this place, and hopes to meet a continuance for one week longer.  All who wish to obtain an endurable likeness had better call at once as Richmond will positively leave at the expiration of the stated time.  The lovers of the fine Arts are acquainted with the style of Mr. R’s work; therefore, it is only necessary to say that “Richmond is himself again!”  November 5th. 1856.

The third advertisement ran on November 7 & 14, 1856.                                                                          Shadows of the Real.                                                                                                                                                At Richmond’s rooms you’re sure to find,                                                                                                        Rare Pictures, just to suit the mind.                                                                                                                    Come One!  Come all! don’t let him wait,                                                                                                        You’ll find him there with polished plates.

In Case of blue, red or green,                                                                                                                        Your face like life, may soon be seen:                                                                                                                Each line portrayed in light and shade,                                                                                                            Come pluck the flower ere it fade.

Secure the chance before it passes,                                                                                                                  You’ll ve’ve regret it charming lasses—                                                                                                              You’ll ne’er regret it gent’s so gay,                                                                                                                        The morrow is not thine, so come to-day.

Old Buck has won, they all pretend to say,                                                                                                    While the exhibition at the Masonic Hall is surely free.                                                                              So now we’ll have filled with money bet so free,                                                                                        Then let us go to Richmond’s and let him squint away.

The third announcement appeared on November 14, 1856.  Fine Pictures.—Mr. Richmond is still making fine pictures at the Masonic Hall in this place.  We understand that he has concluded to remain a few days longer, an we advise all who want correct ambrotypes or daguerreotypes, to give him a call.

Mr. Richmond is not recorded in other photographic directories.

1 thought on “J. G. Richmond

  1. I am confused. Are J. G. Richardson and J. G. Richmond the same person?
    Or is the simiarity of the first two initials (J.G.) a coincidence?


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