Richmond & Hawkins

1852                Rooms at the Suffolk Hotel, Huntington, New York.                                                  1852-1853     308 Broadway, New York, New York.

Richmond & Hawkins were recorded in one announcement and three advertisements in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York).  The announcement appeared on June 4, 1852.   Daguerreotypes,

“No Spectre forms of pleasure fled,                                                                                                                   The softening, sweetening tints restored;                                                                                                       For thou cans’t give us back the dead;                                                                                                               E’en with the loveliest looks they wore.”

Thus wrote the Poet, in time past, and in view of a happy reflection, as presented to us, of loved and loving friends, by the Art of the Painter’s [      ].  If thus much be said of the Art, what may we not claim for the imagery as portrayed by the Daguerreotypes of the present day—when all that we looked upon in life, whether of parents, brother, sister or child, as the fairest flowers of Earth, shall bloom in other climes may be made to dwell with those who cherished them here.  Those who would be wise in time, call upon Messrs. Richmond & Hawkins, at the Suffolk Hotel, in this village—and secure a treasure.  The specimens we have seen of the above gentlemanly Artists’ Likenesses, warrant us fully in calling attention to this subject, and the fact of their sojourn among us.  See adv’t.

The first advertisement appeared on June 4, 1852.  Daguerreotypes.  Richmond & Hawkins Daguerrean Artist.  Respectfully inform the inhabitants of Huntington and vicinity that they have taken Rooms at the Suffolk Hotel For A Few days Only, for the purpose of accommodating all those who may be desirous of obtaining a [good] and perfect likeness of either themselves, their families, or their friends—and where they will be pleased to exhibit to all lovers of the Fine Arts—one of the largest and most beautiful collections of miniatures of their own execution ever seen in this Village.

Miniatures taken in this beautiful style, neatly set in Gold Lockets, Pins, Rings, Bracelets, Cases or Frames in a few minutes—and finished in the highest perfection of the Art; and no person will be required to take them unless they are perfectly satisfactory to themselves and friends.

Delay not then as opportunity shall present to secure one, two, three or six of these miniatures of life, which under the trying circumstances of a final separation from friends no price can purchase.

Portraits, Engravings and other Daguerreotypes neatly copied.

Price varying from $1 to $10.

Come Ladies and Gentlemen, one and all and see their specimens, likenesses of Children and Infants taken in three to four seconds between the hours of eleven and Twelve o’clock.

N. B.— Instructions given in the theory and most improved Style.  Stock and Apparatus furnished on liberal terms. Huntington, June 4, 1852.

The second advertisement ran from October 22, 1852 to February 25, 1853.  New and Beautiful Daguerrean Gallery, No. 308 Broadway, NY Messrs. Richmond & Hawkins, Successors to Messrs. W. A. Allen & Brother, would most respectfully call the attention of their friends and the public to their New Rooms, at the above number.  The long experience of Messrs. R. & H. in the art, they flatter themselves will enable them to obtain Daguerreotype Portraits unsurpassed by any Daguerreans in the United States leads them to hope they will receive a liberal share of public patronage.  The Rooms are large, elegant and convenient.

Their Fine Sky Light enables them to take Pictures in the most perfect manner, and in the quickest time, entirely obviating the necessity of a long sitting, and correcting the defects so disagreeable to a refined [     ], in the harsh outlines and color tones so prevalent among the picture taken by the Daguerrean Process.  The Operating Room is well calculated for taking, in a finished and beautiful manner,

Large Groups of Families or Collegiate Classes and also for taking portraits.  For Children—three seconds only being required.

Messrs. R. & H. will give their personal attention to visitors, and most assiduously endeavor to please them with good pictures and perfect Likenesses.

No charge made unless the pictures are perfectly satisfactory.

Their prices are from $1,00 upwards, according to the size, style and finish.

Richmond & Hawkins, 308 Broadway.  Over E. Anthony’s Daguerreotype Depot, East side Broadway, between Pearl and Duane Sts. N. Y.

The third advertisement appeared on November 12, 1852.  Daguerreotypes, At the present time, there are so many pretenders to the Art of Daguerreotyping, and so many of what are called “Pictures.”—tho’ mere daubs—that when one knows where and by whom a real bona fide likeness may be obtained, it is equally an act of justice to the public as to the successful artist, that the same should be made known To those who are looking for the neatest and most convenient rooms for the taking of Daguerreotypes, just step up Broadway to No. 308, where you will be received by Messrs. Richmond & Hawkins—and to their polite attention, they will give you in the shortest possible and most moderate rates a resemblance of your own self to which your friends cannot keep saying that they never saw you looking so well in your life.  The specimens of the above artist work are now rivaling those of the “famed” in their line—and they must soon, if they have not already reached the highest pinnacle, which is their ambition.  Remember the Number—308 Broadway

Richmond & Hawkins are recorded in other photographic directories as being active in New York City in 1852-1853, what is new information is that they also active in 1852 in Huntington, New York.

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