William F. Porter

1855-1856       Over Baldwin’s Book Store, Main Street, Warren, Ohio.

William F. Porter was recorded in two announcements and two advertisements in the Western Reserve Chronicle  (Warren, Ohio).  The first announcement appeared on September 19, 1855.  Daguerreotypes.  Our young friend W. F. Porter, has somewhat changed his vocation, and instead of painting landscapes, trees, lakes and rivers, earth and sky on canvas, is now calling to his aid, the sun and light, to paint human, face divine on daguerrean plate.  Mr. Porter has the taste of a poet, and eye of an artist.  If his pictures are as life-like as his poetry is true and pure, his patrons must be satisfied.

He has tastefully fitted up rooms over Baldwin’s Book Store, on Main Street.  Success attend him.

The first advertisement ran from September 12 to November 21, 1855.  W. F. Porter’s Sky-Light Daguerrean Rooms.  “Secure The Shadow Ere The Substance Fade.”  The subscriber is happy to announce to the citizens of warren and surrounding country, that he has fitted up a suit of Rooms over Baldwin’s Bookstore, south of the Post Office, with a large sky-light, where he is prepared to furnish Daguerreotypes in the Best Style of the Art.  He has a fine assortment of Materials, Cases, &c., of the latest styles, which he has received direct from New York, and which he will be furnished at moderate prices.  He has also a collection of Oil Paintings and Daguerreotypes for the gratification of the lovers of Art, and has spared no pains to make the rooms a pleasant and agreeable place of resort at all hours, and he is determined by constant additions to keep up their interest and make them one of the places worth visiting, both by citizens and strangers.  And he looks for a liberal support in his efforts to gratify those who require his services as an Artist and Daguerreotypist.

All persons are cordially invited to call, whether wishing Pictures or not.

Work done at my rooms will be warranted.  William F. Porter.  Warren, Ohio.  Sept. 12, 1855.

The second announcement appeared on January 2, 1856.  Ambrotypes.  We cannot imagine a more appropriate gift, to a relative or friend, than a life-like Ambrotype likeness.  They are much superior in every respect to Daguerreotypes.  Wm. F. Porter and Mr. Marsh, have taken some capital pictures of this kind.

The second advertisement ran from January 2 to February 27, 1856.   Ambrotypes—Wm. F. Porter Takes this opportunity of informing the public that he is now taking this new and beautiful style of pictures.  For delicacy of shade, tone and brilliancy, they are unequaled by any other style, and to be appreciated, they must be seen.  They are without the glare of the Daguerreotype, and have softer lights and shadows.  They are very permanent, as the picture is taken on one glass plate, and then another plate is cemented to that by a process which renders the two plates in fact one.  The picture is then the centre of a heavy glass plate, and cannot be destroyed, unless the glass is broken.

Instruction.  Given to Ladies and Gentlemen in the above art, also in all the different branches of Daguerreotyping, as cheap as anywhere in the State.  Written instructions in Ambrotyping sent to any one, on the receipt of $3, by mail or otherwise.  Wm. F. Porter.  Rooms over Baldwin’s Bookstore, Main St., Warren, O.

William F. Porter is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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