Mr. Pardee

1848-1849       Clinton Hotel, Lansingburgh, New York.

Mr. Pardee was listed in five announcements, the first three are from the Lansingburgh Democrat and Rensselaer County Gazette; the next two are from the Lansingburgh Democrat    (Lansingburgh, New York).  The first appeared on July 27, 1848.  Mr. Pardee, has taken rooms at the Clinton Hotel, and opened his Daguerreotype Gallery for the inspection of our citizens.  We have examined pictures of some of our citizens taken at his room, especially one of an infant 5 months old, which for beautiful accuracy, we have never seen surpassed.  He charges only one dollar for a miniature, which is but half the common price.  We hope he will do a good business.  Give him a call.

The second appeared on August 10, 1848.  Mr. Pardee, at the Clinton Hotel, takes splendid Daguerreotype Pictures.  His prices are so low, only $1 for a miniature and case, that a large number of our citizens are availing themselves of this opportunity for “catching the shadow, ere it fades.”  We would assure the public that he is [ ? ] of superior [ ? ].

The third announcement appeared on December 7, 1848.  Pardee’s Daguerreotypes.  Mr. Pardee still continues at the Clinton Hotel practicing the Daguerrian art, and producing likeness, faithful and in its highest perfection.  He takes them cheap, and the opportunity of securing a perfect facsimile of the “human face divine” of those friends you love, should not be neglected.—He may be found at any time in his room, at which place numerous specimens of “faces familiar” may be seen, and their correctness and beauty acknowledged.

The fourth announcement appeared on March 28, 1849.  Pardee still maintains his well earned reputation of being one of the best artists in the Daguerrian line.  He rooms at the Clinton Hotel, where the visitors can examine specimens of his skill.  One dollar is all it cost to “secure the shadow ere it fades.”  He takes pictures in all kinds of weather.

The fifth announcement appeared on June 28, 1849.  Reader, a word for your private ear.  If you have not yet paid Pardee a visit, and had your daguerreotype taken, you had better do so immediately.  In these Cholera times there is no knowing what may happen, and delays are dangerous.  That’s all.

This is probably Phineas Pardee, Jr.  who is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Lansingburgh in 1850-1851.

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