Mr. Palmer

1853                215 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts.

Mr. Palmer was recorded in one advertisement that ran in the Boston Daily Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts) on February 26, 1853.  Daguerreotype Portrait Painting.  Photographic Portraits are taken with all the recent improvements adopted in the process in France, England and America, by Palmer & Co., 215 Washington street Boston.

Photographic Portrait Painting (sun painting) now takes its place by the side of pencil drawing.  By painting with instruments an outline of mathematical precision is obtained which can scarcely be expected with the hand; and by judicious employment of chemicals and the careful use of color, the finest tone and finish imparted to the picture.   Landscapes and Portraits are taken with equal exactness and fidelity—valuable pieces of sculpture are copied in high relief—and minute Portraits are executed for lockets, broaches, pins and rings.  Unless we are prepared to quarrel with the sun and dispute the laws of nature, we must admit that the trust and most perfect portrait may be obtained by the Daguerreotype.  For specimens see case at the door, 215 Washington St.

Mr. Palmer is not listed in other photographic directories nor was he listed in the Boston City Directory; residence section from 1851-1854.

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