John Pardoe

1858                Address Unknown, Oneonta, New York.

1859 January 21.  The Freeman’s Journal.  (Cooperstown, New York.)  January 21, 1859, Vol. LI, No. 24, Whole No. 2,624, P. 4.

List of Premiums Awarded by the Otsego Co. at [ ? ] in 1858….Discretionary Permits….

Bolles & Smith, patent Camera-Box, dip and cash $3.                                                                          Bolles & Smith, Photographs and Ambrotypes, cash $1.                                                              J. Pardoe, oil paintings and photographs in oil, cash $2.

John Pardoe is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active as a daguerreian in Oneonta in 1859.  He is also listed in The New York Historical Society’s Dictionary Of Artist in America 1584-1860.  John Pardoe, Portrait painter of NYC, who exhibited at the American Institute in 1848.  NYCD 1848-1849, as a painter.  This is possibly the same person.  The question is did he take the photographs or did he just paint them?

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