Charles Morris

1856                Address Unknown, Auburn, New York.                                                                            1856                Address Unknown, Penn Yan, New York.[1]

Charles Morris was recorded in two announcements in the Penn Yan Democrat (Penn-Yan, New York).  The first appeared on April 2, 1856.  Hung.—John Fitzgerald, the youth recently sentenced by Judge Welles, at Auburn, was hung in the Jail at this place at 5 minutes past 3 P. M., on Friday Last…Mr. Charles Morris, of this place took several Ambrotypes of the condemned boy on the morning of his execution, one or two of which he now has in his possession.  He is a remarkably good looking fellow; the countenance, as seen in the picture, evince no sign of the murderous and reckless disposition that his deed and actions showed him possessed of.  We shall probably give a short account of his execution next week.

The second announcement appeared on April 9, 1856.  From the Auburn Daily Advertiser, of March 28th.  Execution of John Fitzgerald—A Hardened Criminal….Yesterday he sat for his Daguerreotype….The Daguerreotype was taken by Charles Morris, of Penn Yan….

Charles Morris is possibly listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as Charles Y. Morris active in Auburn from 1856-1860.

[1] Unknown address and location.  First article states that he is from Auburn, second article states he is from Penn Yan.  John Craig Craig’s Daguerrean Registry records him as being from Auburn.

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