W. Morris

1856-1857      Rooms over Callard’s Tailor Shop, Perrysburg, Ohio.                                                1858                Address Unknown, Perrysburg, Ohio.

W. Morris (possibly William Morris) was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement in The Perrysburg Journal (Perrysburg, Ohio). The advertisement ran from September 18, 1856 to April 2, 1857. W. Morris’ Patent Ambrotype Pictures.  This is a new and beautiful style of pictures, and is destined to supercede the Daguerreotype, because it has none of the Luster of the silver plate, is not reversed and can be seen in any light.  They are hermetically sealed, which sealing in impervious to air, water, or acid, and will not change in any climate, but remain fixed and imperisalable.

They are justly considered the most reliable Pictures ever presented to the world.  The public are invited to call at his rooms, over Callard’s tailor shop, where he will be in readiness to take Pictures in Cases, Lockets, Rings, or Pins.  Hours of operation from 7 A. M., to 6, P. M.  All are invited to call.

The announcement appeared on April 8, 1858.  The Waynesfield Guards, of Maumee paid us a visit last Thursday, and paraded through several of our principal streets.  The Guards are large, fine looking men, and their uniform is very neat and becoming.  When the company were opposite Morris’s Daguerrean gallery, a halt was ordered, and they were ambrotyped.  Capt. Robertson has a fine company, and the Guards have the right kind of Captain.

W.  Morris (probably William Morris) is recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Perrysburg, Ohio from 1865.


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