A. P. Morrison

1856                Unknown location, Camden, South Carolina.

A. P. Morrison was recorded in an advertisement that appeared on July 8, 1856 in The Camden Weekly Journal (Camden, South Carolina). Ambrotypes.  The subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens of Camden and surrounding country, that he is now prepared to take those beautiful pictures called Ambrotypes, a new process—pictures taken on glass.  These pictures are not reversed like the Daguerreotype but represent the sitter and other objects in their true and natural position.  They also can be seen in any angle of light, and are destitute of that glare or reflection, so obnoxious in the Daguerreotype.  The shades are distinct and clear; the light of the pearly white, while the middle tints are brilliant and accurate, making a style of picture at once soft-toned, pleasing and harmonious—never solarizing or blurring the linen or other white drapery.  They cannot be defaced, get dusty or dim by the sweat of the glass, are impervious to air, water or acid and will retain their brilliancy for ages.  Now is the time to get facsimiles of your little children.  A picture can be taken in a few seconds.  Come soon, my stay cannot be long in Camden, unless well patronized.  A. P. Morrison, Artist,

A. P. Morrison is not recorded in other photographic directories.  An A. Morrison is recorded in other photographic directories, and in tomorrows post as being active in Camden in 1854, it is unknown at this time if they are the same person.


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