John S. Lay

1859                3 Hathaway’s Block, opposite the Gazette Office, , New York.

John S. Lay was recorded in one advertisement that ran from June 30 to July 28, 1859 in Lansingburgh Democrat (Lansingburgh, New York).  Ambrotypes.  No. 3 Hathaway’s Block, opposite the Gazette office, Lansingburgh.  Prices Reduced large size only 50 Cents including Fine Case.

The Ladies and Gentlemen of this place and vicinity are respectfully notified that Mr. Lay will remain here a few days, for the purpose of making some of his choice Mezzotint Ambrotypes!

Natural Color, double glass, warranted never to fade.  He wishes to call particular attention to the fact his pictures are made on Black plate glass, which obviates entirely, the use of tar and pitch on the back of Ambrotypes, as the reader can see for himself by knocking an Ambrotypes from its case.  He proposes to furnish the people with Double Glass, Warranted Ambrotypes.  Made on Black Extra Plate Glass, and put up at a style at less than New York and Albany prices.  Each picture will be made and finished by Mr. Lay in person, and he will guarantee it to be as durable as the glass tablet upon which the portrait if fixed.

Pictures taken in Lockets, Rings, &c., old Daguerreotypes Copied, and Lettertypes, cor mail.  Personal attention paid to securing Likenesses of invalid or deceased persons at private residences.  Also, Views of Buildings, Cattle, Machinery, &c.

N. B.—Avoid white, pink and blue in your dresses, ladies,, and never mind the fine clothes. Calico equals, if not excels silk in a portrait. Call and see for yourself.  John S. Lay.

John S. Lay is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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