1849                Rooms Seneca Street, One door below Dr. Smith’s Office, Geneva, New York.

Lawyer of the partnership of Biteley & Lawyer was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements.  The announcement appeared on June 29, 1849 in the Geneva Daily Gazette  (Geneva, New York).  Mr. Editor:  I called the other day at the Daguerrean room of Messrs. Biteley & Lawyer, Seneca street, and was highly pleased and gratified to perceive the approximation towards perfection, if not perfection itself, to which this wonderful art has arrived.  I have seen Daguerreotypes, without number, but never any like those taken by the above named gentlemen.—The likenesses are so life-like and “true to nature,” that they excite admiration and astonishment.  They surpass every thing of the kind ever exhibited in our village; and those who wish to secure a correct picture of themselves or their friends, will do well to avail themselves of an opportunity which may not soon occur again.     S.

The first advertisement ran from July 6 to August 17, 1849 in the Geneva Daily Gazette  (Geneva, New York).  Glorious Opportunity!  The subscribers would say to the readers of the “Gazette,” that they have opened Daguerrean Rooms on Seneca street, one door below Dr. Smith’s office, where they may be found from 8 A. M. until sundown, not only ready and willing, but anxious to perform any and every service, in their line, for the public.  The subscribers claim to understand the Daguerrean business, and were not for their excessive modesty, would here insert various notices that they have received in different parts of the State, commending their likenesses.

The public are invited to call, and we will treat them as well as we know how, and sell them pictures if we can.  Bitely & Lawyer.

The second advertisement ran from August 24 to September 14, 1849 in the Geneva Daily Gazette (Geneva, New York).  One Dollar Daguerrean Gallery!  The subscriber, at the rooms heretofore occupied by Biteley & Lawyer, will put up Likenesses in good style for One Dollar.  N. B. Prices above for two weeks only. N. H. Biteley.

Lawyer is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Geneva.  One might speculate that it is E. Ralph Lawyer, but there is no concrete proof that it is.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does not list N. H. Biteley.  Craig does list a Bitely as a spelling variant for Brightly, it’s unknown if they are the same person.

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