William L. Lawrence

1858-1859       Rooms Clinton Hall, third story, Tallmadge Block, Lancaster, Ohio.

William L. Lawrence of the partnership of Lawrence & Massey was recorded in two advertisements in the American Lancaster Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio).  The first advertisement ran from December 9, 1858 to April 21, 1859.  Clinton Hall Art Gallery.  Lawrence & Massey Having leased the above well known suit of rooms, and fitting them up in a superior style, with a splendid Sky Light, would invite the citizens on Lancaster and vicinity, and all others wishing a superior Grade of Pictures to give them a call.

Having the best arranged Light perhaps in the State, they feel justified in saying that their Pictures, in point of brilliancy, delineation, boldness and unerring truthfulness, are equaled by few & excelled by none.

Ambrotypes taken at these Rooms, are executed in the latest and most approved style of the art.  Their Sphereotypes are decidedly the most beautiful style of Pictures that has yet been produced.  They seem to stand out in bold relief, (unaffected by light, air, or age,) while there for softness of shadow, beauty of detail, and warmth of tone never found in either kind of pictures.

Now Is The Time To Get Better Pictures, and at as low figures, as can be obtained at any other establishment in the State.  Ladies and Gentlemen who wish to obtain a finer likeness than ever before taken in Lancaster, can have an opportunity by calling at the Clinton Hall Art Gallery.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.

Coping Pictures, filling lockets and all other work in their line executed on short notice.  Entire satisfaction warranted!  The public are respectfully invited to call.  Rooms Clinton Hall, third story, Tallmadge Block, Main Street, entrance one door West of Springer & Trout’s Clothing Store.  Lancaster, December 9, 1858.

The second advertisement ran from April 14 to August 11, 1859.  Pictures Cheaper Than Ever!  At The Clinton Hall Art Gallery.  We are determined not to be out-done by any establishment in the State, in the way of taking Good, Cheap and Inimitable Likenesses.—we have established our prices at Lower Figures than have as yet been made in this vicinity.  Our prices will range from Ten Cents Upward.  And on all cases, whether Fine or Common, will be sold from 10 to 20 percent lower than can be obtained at either of Mr. Rhode’s Rooms.

Our Rooms have been fitted up expressly for the business in which they are now used, and possess many advantages over any other room of the kind in this city, as it is large and commodious, easy of access, and neatly finished.  Our Sky Light, which is much higher than that of either of the other establishments, throws a more even shade upon the subject, and brings out a Likeness in a higher degree of perfection, than can possibly be obtained at any other room in the city, as the Sky Lights in those rooms are very low, and therefore they cannot obtain that softness of shadow, beauty of detail, and warmth of tone, that is found in our pictures.  Persons having pictures that were taken at either of the other rooms, with which they are dissatisfied, can have them re-taken at the Clinton Hall Art Gallery at a reasonable charge.

Copying pictures, filling Lockets, Breast-pins, Rings, etc., etc., done on short notice.

Entire satisfaction warranted.  The public are invited to call.  Rooms, Clinton Hall, Third Story Tallmadge Block, Main Street.  April 14, 1859.  Lawrence & Massey.

William L. Lawrence is recorded in other photographic directories.

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