B. A. & Washington W. Chilton

N. D.                   Address Unknown, New York, New York.                                                                        1841-1842       269 King Street, Charleston, South Carolina.[1]                                                              1842                   Rooms at Mr. Starke’s Hotel, Camden, South Carolina.

B. A. & Washington W. Chilton were recorded in two announcements and one advertisement in The Camden Journal (Camden, South Carolina.) The first announcement appeared on March 9, 1842. Miniatures.  By reference to our advertising columns, it will be seen that the Messrs. Chilton propose furnishing those of our citizens who may desire it, with facsimile of themselves.  We have seen some specimens, exhibiting the perfection to which the art has been carried, and although they are not very pretty specimens, they are surprisingly exact likenesses.  Those of our friends, therefore, who may desire to possess a perfect counterpart of themselves, have now the opportunity of doing so.  We want them beforehand, however, not to fall out with the artist, if he should not, at the same time be able to make handsome picture, and a perfect likeness—the latter may be relied on.

The advertisement ran from March 9 to 30, 1842 in The Camden Journal (Camden, South Carolina.)  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  The Ladies and Gentlemen of Camden are respectfully informed that the Subscribers, late of New York City, have fitted up rooms at Mr. Starke’s Hotel, and will remain until the first of April, for the purpose of taking Miniature Likenesses, after the manner of M. Daguerre, of Paris.  The process of taking Miniatures in the above manner has been brought to such a state of perfection that the powerful rays of the sun, heretofore so necessary in the operation, have been entirely dispensed with, and likenesses can consequently, be taken in any kind of weather, with perfect accuracy, occupying the time of the sitter but a few seconds.  Specimens can be seen at Mr. McKain’s Drug Store, and at the Subscribers’ rooms.  Office hours from 9 A. M., to 4 P. M. every day.

The second announcement appeared on March 16, 1842 in the same newspaper.  Messrs. Chilton are prepared to take Daguerreotype likenesses at their room at Mr. Starke’s Hotel.  As their stay in Camden, is limited to the first of April those who wish to have their miniatures taken, would do well to avail themselves of the present opportunity.

[1] Information from Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

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