E. B. Christmas

1857                Rooms, Main St., opposite the Court House, Millersburg, Ohio.

E. B. Christmas was recorded in an announcement and in an advertisement on March 26, 1857 in the Holmes County Republican (Millersburg, Ohio). E. B. Christmas advertises his Excelsior Ambrotype Gallery in this week’s paper. It is unnecessary for us to say anything in his favor, as he keeps himself informed of a;; the improvements in the art, and takes the best of pictures.

The advertisement ran from March 26 to June 18, 1857.  Excelsior Ambrotype Gallery.  Secure The Shadow Ere The Substance Fades.  Change and decay are written upon all things.  The smiling infant, which to-day may nestle so fondly in a mother’s arms, and gladden all the household by its merry prattle and innocent pranks, may, ere to-morrow’s sun gilds the Eastern horizon, be wrapped in the cold embraces of death.  A father or mother, sister or brother may suddenly be called away from Earth, and surviving friends deeply mourn their loss.  Yet, if we would take the time by the forelock, and secure their shadows ere their substances fade, we would have a sweet memorial left when Death had claimed them as his own.  Speed! Then, delay not, and Secure An Ambrotype, Taken by a master artist, in an artistic style, and one which will stand through centuries to come.

Remember the place—Christmas’ Excelsior Ambrotype Rooms, Main St., opposite the Court House, Millersburg, Ohio.

An E. B. Christmas was listed in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900 in Mansfield, Ohio in 1866.  It is unknown at this time if they are the same person.

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