J. M. Campbell

1856-1857       Court Street, opposite Kirby House, Watertown, New York.

J. M. Campbell was recorded in an advertisement that ran from December 25, 1856 to January 15, 1857 in The New York Reformer (Watertown, New York.) Lights And Shadows From Real Life! A. M. Campbell, Daguerreotypist And Ambrotypist, would respectfully inform the people of Watertown and surrounding country, that he has located his Mammoth Daguerrean Car on Court Street, opposite the Kirby House for a short time, where he proposes to furnish all who may desire, with faithfully delineated, Life-Like, and Rich Toned Pictures.  At prices varying from Fifty Cents upward, according to style and size of plate.  His Car is large and commodious, and having the advantage of a superior Light, and long experience in the business, he flatters himself that for accuracy and effect, his Pictures are not to be surpassed.

Who can so truly appreciate the value of a good Daguerreotype, as the friends of the loved and lost?

“Blest be the Art which keeps the absent near,                                                                  The beautiful, unchanged from Time’s rude theft,                                                           Guards the fresh tint on Childhood’s polished brow,                                                      And when Love yields its idol to the tomb,                                                                         Doth snatch a copy.”

Pictures neatly set in Pins, Keys, Bracelets, Lockets, and all work Warranted not to fade.  Hours of operating from 8 A. M. to 4 P. M.  Please call and examine specimens.

J. M. Campbell is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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