J. Caldwell

1856                Rooms at the Isham House, Jackson, Ohio.

J. Caldwell was recorded in an advertisement on November 13, 1856 in The Jackson Standard. (Jackson, Ohio.) Daguerreotype Gallery.  I would respectfully inform the citizens of Jackson and vicinity, that I have taken rooms in the Isham House, where I am prepared to execute any thing in the Art, in the most satisfactory manner.  Those that wish to patronize me, will please call soon, as I expect to go South before navigation closes.

N. B.  Pictures can be taken just as well in cloudy weather as clear. I have had many years experience in the Art, and know I can please all.        Oct 2, 1856.               J. Caldwell, Artist.

Please note that the date at the end of the advertisement is October 2, 1856.  Only 14 Issues in 1856 were available to me of The Jackson Standard, twelve issues were available from January 3 to March 20, and the remaining two were on November 13 and December 11.  Two interesting statements are made in the advertisement first that he expects to go south before navigation closes, to my thinking that means he is using the Ohio River to travel on the Mississippi River, and points south.  Secondly in the second paragraph he states that he has had many years experience in the art.  As I read more newspapers across the country hopefully more information can be added to this photographer history.

J. Caldwell is not listed in other photographic directories that can be verified as being the same person.

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