Samuel F. Brown

1851-1852       449 Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky.                                                                                  1852-1855       Corner Fifth & Main Streets, Louisville, Kentucky.                                                            1855                   Address Unknown, Louisville, Kentucky.

Samuel F. Brown was recorded in the partnership of Hewett & Brown in an advertisement in the Bardstown Herald (Bardstown, Kentucky.)  The advertisement ran from March 10, 1852 to April 7, 1853.  Based on John Craig’s work the T. F. Brown is more than likely a typo.  Hewett’s National Daguerrean Gallery.  Louisville, KY.  Next To Northern Bank, Corner of Fifth And Main, And Opposite Louisville Journal Office.  Hewett’s old friends in Bardstown and vicinity will please call and see him when in Louisville, “The latch string is never pulled in.”  J. M. Hewett, [sic.] T. F. Brown, Operators.

Hewett & Brown were again recorded in an advertisement that ran from June 5 to July 17, 1855 in the Daily Louisville Democrat.  (Louisville, Kentucky.)  Daguerreotypes and Photographs, Corner of Fifth and main streets.  Hewett & Brown are sending out daily the finest specimens of the two arts.  They will at all times be found ready to fill all orders on short notice, either taken from life or copies from Portraits or Daguerreotypes.  Life-size Photographs made from the smallest Daguerreotypes, and furnished colored in oil or water—the best artist in the city employed to do the coloring.  Call and see specimens.

Hewett’s former customers can here obtain the same superior Daguerreotypes that have secured him premiums over all competitors at the Mechanics Fairs.  my. 9.

Samuel F. Brown was recorded in an advertisement in the Daily Louisville Democrat  (Louisville, Kentucky) which ran from July 17 to September 7, 1855.  Just think of it, at Brown’s Gallery you may obtain a fine Daguerreotype of yourself for the trifling sum of One Dollar, enclosed in a neat case.  Now, don’t delay any longer, but take your family down and have their pictures taken, and you will not regret it.  Sam is hard to beat.

A Samuel F. Brown is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Register as being in Louisville, Kentucky in 1851-1852 as the proprietor of Hewett’s National Daguerreian Gallery at 449 Main Street.  He goes on to suggest that he is the same S. F. Brown in Paducha, Kentucky in 1859-1860 at 24 Broadway.

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