V. O. Brown

1854                Rooms at the Suffolk Hotel, Huntington, New York.

V. O. Brown is recorded in an announcement and advertisement in The Long Islander (Huntington, New York) on June 16, 1854.  Daguerreotypes Mr. V. O. Brown can be found at the Suffolk Hotel prepared to take true pictures of all who wish to see themselves as they are.  For particulars see advertisement in another column.

Daguerreotypes!  V. O. Brown takes this method of informing the inhabitants of Huntington and vicinity, that he has opened a Room at the Suffolk Hotel, For the purpose of taking Daguerreotype Miniatures of the first quality, and invites those in want of a superior Daguerreotype Miniature to call and examine his specimens.  Daguerreotypes copied and neatly set in Cases, Lockets, Breastpins, Rings, & c., and every branch of the art executed and satisfaction warranted.  Miniatures taken in any weather, at prices from 75 cents to $10.  Call early.

V. O. Brown is listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry in 1857-1858 in Colchester, Connecticut, John goes on to say that it is possibly the same V. O. Brown that is identified as an itinerant daguerreian in Westminster and Carroll Counties, Maryland in ca. 1853.  At this time there is no proof that they are the same person.

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