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Yearout & Lipman

1851-1852       Water Street, over the Insurance Office, Evansville, Indiana.

Yearout & Lipman (John T. Yearout & Lewis S. Lipman) were recorded in one advertisement that ran from November 8, 1851 to June 15, 1852in The Evansville Daily Journal.  (Evansville, Indiana).  Dobyns & Co.’s Daguerreotype Galleries.

No. 489 Main Street, Louisville, Ky.

No. 1 Fowlke’s Row, Memphis, Tenn.

Nos. 6 & 23 Camp Street, New Orleans.

Corner 4th and Chestnut sts, St. Louis, Mo.

J. T. Yearout & L. S. Lipman, of the above firm would respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Evansville and the public generally, that they have taken Rooms on Water st., over Insurance office, and that they are permanently located at Evansville, in the Daguerrean Rooms formerly occupied by Gove & Widney, where one of them may be found at all hours of the day, ready and prepared to take Likenesses of all sizes and descriptions, to exhibit specimens of their work, sell stock, give instruction in the art and wait upon all who may favor them with a call.

N. B.—All work done by them will be warranted to give perfect satisfaction or no charge made.

Constantly on hand a full supply of Daguerreotype Stock for sale.

The above rooms are now furnished and open.  All are invited to call and examine for themselves.  While Thomas Jefferson Dobyns; John T. Yearout & Lewis S. Lipman are all recorded in other directories this entry provides additional information previously unrecorded.