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Stebbins Brothers

1856                Address Unknown, Watertown, Massachusetts.

1856                Address Unknown, Newton Corner, Massachusetts.

N.D.                Address and Location Unknown.

Stebbins Brothers were recorded in one advertisement that ran from February 15 to May 8, 1856

In the Waltham Sentinel (Waltham, Massachusetts).  Daguerreotypes by Stebbins Brothers, Watertown.   Prices from 50 cents upwards, according to the size of plate and style of case.

Particular attention paid to taking children’s likenesses.  Patronage respectfully solicited from Watertown and Newton Corner.

Photographs made from Daguerreotypes.

N.D.  Broadside (Harvey Zucker’s Collection.)

Daguerreotypes!  The Stebbins Brothers, respectfully inform the citizens of this place and vicinity, that they will remain here _____ Weeks Longer, Only.

It is owing to the increase of business, and the great demand for our Pictures, that we are induced to give this notice.  Those who have not yet got a good Likeness will remember this is the Last Chance.

Notice.  This is a good time to get Landscape Views.  Gentlemen wishing their Residence, or any Views from Nature, Daguerreotyped or Photographed, (without reversing,) are informed that they can have them at short notice, and at low prices, by sending orders early.

Pictures Taken In Any Weather.

Likenesses of Sick and Deceased Persons taken at their residences.

Persons having old Daguerreotypes of deceased friends are informed that we can produce nice colored photographs and good Likenesses from them, which will give universal satisfaction.

Stebbins Brothers are recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1856, but not the information from the undated broadside.