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V. C. Tarbox

1859                Lime Rock Street, Perry’s Block, Rockland, Maine.

V. C. Tarbox was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on December 29, 1859 in the  Rockland Gazette (Rockland, Maine).  Correct Likenesses For 25 Cents To 10 Dollars.  The subscriber would respectfully inform the public that he has taken the Whitten Gallery, On Lime Rock Street, Perry’s Block, near the Post Office, where he will remain a short time. 

All kinds of pictures made from a Cheap Ambrotype to a Photograph, and small miniatures enlarged to Cabinet or Life Size.

Positive and Negative Collodion for sale.

Please Give Him A Call.  V. C. Tarbox, Artist.  Rockland, Dec. 26, 1859.

V. C. Tarbox is not recorded in other photographic directories.