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Simons & Page

1842                Rooms at the United States Hotel, Wheeling, Virginia.

Simons & Page were recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 12 to 16, 1842 in the   Wheeling Times and Advertiser (Wheeling, Virginia).  Photographic Miniatures.  T. G. Simons & A. W. Page.  Late of New York City.  Professors and Teachers of Photography.  Take this method most respectfully of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of Wheeling and [its] vicinity, that they have taken Rooms at the United States Hotel, where they will be happy to wait upon any who may wish to avail themselves of an opportunity of procuring a Likeness, which though it may cost but one fourth the Painter’s price, will possess [merits] that no artist can ever give to his work.

Messrs. Simons & Page have been engaged in the Daguerreotype profession from its first introduction into America, have, at great expense and loss of time, succeeded in so far improving the American apparatus, as to be enabled to operate with an unerring degree of certainty.  The great degree of certainty.  The great degree of difficulty with all former operators in giving color and expression to their productions is at once obviated by their great improvement in this wonderful discovery;—the time also required in sitting is materially lessened.  Messrs. Simons & Page covery;—removed the difficulty which all have, by their improvement in this wonderful dis former operators, labored under in compelling their subjects to sit from three to five minutes in which was apt to produce a contraction of the eyes and distorted appearance of the features:  Now, a correct and beautiful likeness can be produced in a sitting of from five to thirty five seconds! In any kind of weather, and consequently without using the direct rays of the Sun.

They propose to instruct a limited number of Ladies and Gentlemen in this beautiful and valuable discovery, who can be furnished with complete setts of the improved American apparatus, and by means of which any one may be enabled to take a likeness in an ordinary room, without requiring any peculiar adjustment of the light.  Heretofore it has been generally supposed that sunshine was indispensable to the production of Daguerreotype Miniatures; but the important improvement recently perfected, proves that this is a mistake.  The new apparatus cost less than the old, and furnishes the ability to its possessor of securing an independence in a profession as honorable, interesting and agreeable as any other, by the expenditure of a mere trifle and a few days application.  Can any other pursuit in life present the same advantages in supplying the means of a general support, not to say fortune?  This apparatus is warranted never to get out of order, and consequently will not require any repairs.  It can be supplied in a form so portable as to be carried in a dressing case, if desired, and ordinarily occupies less space than a cubic foot.  Those who have never had an opportunity of seeing a specimen of Photography, can hardly form an idea of the perfection, beauty and wonderful minuteness of the Daguerreotype pictures:  It is the work of Nature: not of Art; and as far surpasses the production of the pencil as all Nature’s effects do those of Man.  In the creation of these pictures, the light of Heaven alone constitutes the pencil, and nature the artist.  The Daguerreotype, or Pencil of Nature, can be applied to every object on which the rays of light can be made to fall:  The human face and figure, landscapes, buildings, paintings, engravings, stationary, machinery, &c., &c. may be copied in a few seconds with an accuracy that no draughtsman could ever attain.  The process is simple: it requires no acquaintance with chemistry, nor knowledge of drawing or painting, for the light itself engraves upon the prepared plate: and it may be performed by any one who follows the process which is fully and clearly described in the instructions accompanying each sett of apparatus.

For Colleges, Academies and public lectures this apparatus is particularly desirable, as the results produced by it are the most interesting that can be exhibited to an audience, the process requiring but a few seconds in favorable weather to complete a picture, and the results being to all so surprising and beautiful, that it never fails to excite the greatest wonder and astonishment in the minds of every beholder; whilst to the traveller it must be one of the most valuable accompaniments.  It is only necessary to add for the information of those who are unacquainted with the details of the Photographic art, that it is capable of yielding an incomparable greater return for the amount of time and money invested in it, than any other business of the same capital.  We would here beg leave to state, upon the authority of the most scientific Gentlemen of the cities of Boston, N. York and Philadelphia, that these pictures will never fade, but that they will remain permanently fixed until the final consummation of all things.  Other advantages which these Miniatures have over all others might be mentioned, but enough has been said to convince the most incredulous that for rapidity of execution, correctness and durability, they cannot be equalled.

Apparatus, Plates, Miniature cases, Chemicals &c. furnished at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms.  Apparatus invariably warranted to be equal if not superior, to any manufactured in the United States.

Simons & Page (T. G. Simons & A. W. Page) are not listed in other photographic directories.  They do not appear in the New York City Directories in 1841/1842 or in the 1842/1843 directories.