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S. Mason

1848                3 Crandell’s Block, Taunton, Massachusetts.

S. Mason was recorded in two advertisements that ran in The True Democrat (Taunton, Massachusetts). The first advertisement ran from August 30 to November 1, 1848. S. Mason, Portrait Painting and Daguerreotype Miniature Rooms, No. 3 Crandell’s Block— Up stairs, Taunton.

The second advertisement ran from November 9, to December 27, 1848.  S. Mason, Portrait Painting No. 3 Crandell’s Block— Up stairs, Taunton.  Daguerreotype Miniature In handsome Morocco Cases taken for One Dollar.

S. Mason is not recorded in other photographic directories. This is possibly Sanford Mason, a portrait painter who was active in Providence, Rhode Island, Boston and Philadelphia.[1]

[1] The New York Historical Society Dictionary of Artists in America 1584-1860.