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P. P. Quimby

1848                Room over I. Allard, Jr.’s Store, Belfast, Maine.

1851                Church Street, Belfast, Maine.

1853-1854       Haraden’s Block, Head of Main Street, Belfast, Maine.

1855                Address Unknown, Belfast, Maine.[1]

P. P. Quimby (and P. P. Quimby & Son) were recorded in five advertisements, and announcement and mentioned in another advertisement in the Republican Journal (Belfast, Maine) and one advertisement in the Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine) (non-photographic).  The first advertisement appeared on January 21, 1848.  Daguerreotype Miniatures, Taken By P. P. Quimby, At His Room, Over J. Allard, Jr.’s Store, Belfast In a style fully equal to any artist in Boston or New York, and at cheaper rates. 

The advertisement that he was mentioned in appeared on June 13, 1851.  Dr. C. Moore, Surgeon Dentist, And Manufacturer of Mineral or Unchangeable Teeth, (With or Without Artificial Gums.)  Can be consulted at all times at his office and residence, on Church street, (opposite P. P. Quimby’s Daguerreotype Rooms.)…

The second advertisement ran from June 24 to August 5, 1853.  Quimby’s Daguerrean Gallery, Haraden’s Block, Head of Main Street, Belfast. Me.

The third advertisement was recorded from July 1 to August 5, 1853.   New Daguerreotype Rooms!  New Firm.  P. P. Quimby & Son Having lately fitted up a room in Haraden’s Block, having the advantage of a large Top Light, are now prepared to attend to the wishes of the citizens of Belfast and vicinity in all the various branches of the Daguerrean business.  Having on hand a large stock of Cases, Lockets, &c., we flatter ourselves that we can satisfy the taste of the most fastidious.

Perfect satisfaction given in all cases.

Country Artists Are respectfully informed that we have on hand and are constantly receiving Cases of all qualities, best H. B. Plates, Mats, Glasses, Preservers, Cld. Gold, Hyp. Soda, and all the various etcetera of the business, and we can supply them, in large or small quantities, at low prices.  P. P. Quimby & Son.  Belfast, June 1853.

The fourth advertisement was recorded nine times between October 7, 1853 to July 7, 1854.  P. P. Quimby & Son, Daguerrian Artists, And dealers in Daguerreotype Apparatus, Haraden’s Block, Head of Main-street, Belfast.

The announcement appeared on October 14, 1853.  Agricultural Anniversary.  Seventh Annual Cattle Show and Fair of Waldo County Agricultural Society…

The Exhibition At The Hall.  The Exhibition at Pierce’s Hall…The first thing that attracts the eye, is the display of daguerreotypes from the establishments of Quimby and Son, and J. Estan…

The non-photographic advertisement first appeared on January 17, 1859 in the Kennebec Journal (Augusta, Maine).  Notice.  Dr. P. P. Quimby, of Belfast, Would say to his friends in Augusta and vicinity, that he will be at the Stanley House, on Saturday, the 15th inst., where he may be found for a short time, and will attend to all persons wishing to consult him in regard to their health.  Persons calling for that purpose, should understand that he can give no reliable opinion except by an examination of their case, the examination is describing the feelings of the patient and declaring the disease.  Fee for examination $1.50, if necessary to see the patient more than once, fifty cents for each subsequent sitting.  Prior conversation with friends is of no value, and only occupies time which is valuable.  Room No. 6.

P. P. Quimby is recorded as P. P. Quimby & Son in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1855.

[1] Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.