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Mr. Spencer

1847                323 Warren Street, Hudson, New York.

Mr. Spencer was recorded in three announcements in The Columbia Washingtonian (Hudson, New York).  The first announcement appeared on May 27, 1847.  They say—yes, we know—that Spencer, at his new residence, 323 Warren-st., one door below Rossman & McKinstry’s, takes most excellent Daguerreotype likenesses.  Give him a call.

The second announcement appeared on July 8, 1847.  A Likeness.  A friend of ours the other day showed us a Daguerreotype Likeness taken by Spencer in this city.  It was a speaking Likeness.  Never was anything more perfect, nor workmanship superior.  Mr. Spencer is an artist of rare merit, and we should like to know his address, that we might inform our readers where he may be found.  We know it would be good news to all who have occasion for Daguerreotypes.

The third announcement appeared on September 9, 1847.  Spencer’s Daguerreotype Gallery.  We caught  glimpse the other day of one of the best executed Daguerreotype pictures we have ever seen at Spencer’s Gallery.  In fact his delineation, whether “the human face divine,” or of other objects, is true to the reality, in every particular, eve to the minutest parts and finest colors.  To those who wish to preserve correct likenesses of themselves or their friends, we would say, go to Spencer’s.  His work is perfect, and his charges low.

Mr. Spencer is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in Hudson, New York in 1847.  Craig’s Daguerreian Registry does list a W. H. Spencer in Hudson in 1850-1852, 1851-1852 he is recorded at 327½ Warren Street, it is possible they are the same person.

Mr. Spencer

1858                Main Street, Clarksburg, Virginia.

Mr. Spencer was recorded in one announcement on January 8, 1858 in the Cooper’s Clarksburg Register(Clarksburg, Virginia).  Open Again.—Mr. J. H. Murphy has again opened his Ambrotype Gallery, for the accommodation of all who may desire to obtain these elegant and durable pictures.  He has secured the services of Mr. Spencer, an experienced artist, who takes off “the human face divine” in the highest style of the art.  Call soon, for this will be the last chance.

Mr. Spencer is not recorded in other photographic directories.