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Mellen & Parmenter

1857                Rooms in the Post Office Building, Amherst, New Hampshire.

Mellen & Parmenter were recorded in one advertisement that appeared on October 21, 1857 in  The Farmers Cabinet (Amherst, New Hampshire).  Ambrotypes And Photographs.  The subscribers beg leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Amherst and vicinity, that they have taken Rooms in the Post Office Building, where they will remain but a few days only.  Those in want of Pictures of themselves or friends are invited to give us an early call.

Particular attention paid to copying from other pictures.  Pictures of sick persons taken at their place of residence.  Also, pictures taken of the deceased.  Mellen & Parmenter, Artists, Amherst, Oct. 12, 1857.

Mellen & Parmenter are not recorded in other photographic directories.