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J. A. Mallory

1854                59 College Street, Nashville, Tennessee.

J. A. Mallory[1] was mentioned in an announcement that appeared on September 16, 1854 in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee). The Fine Arts.  Amongst the numerous enterprises that are being pushed forward in our city, we notice the Daguerreian Establishment of Messrs. Dobbins [sic.] & Yearout, 59 College Street, over the dry goods store of Messrs. Stevenson & White.  We visited their galleries yesterday and found them fitting up their rooms and instruments.  One or both of these gentlemen have been absent from our city a considerable portion of the summer, visiting a number of the principal cities of the United States, where they also have similar establishments.  We are informed that they have secured the services of the celebrated artist, Mr. Mallory, who has been operating heretofore in the larger cities, North and West, and we have no doubt he will sustain here the high reputation that he has acquired in other places.  Here is what the St. Louis Herald says of him:

“‘Look On This Picture.’—The other day we were shown some of the finest specimens of the Daguerrean art ever seen in this city.  These pictures were life-like, mellow and beautiful.  They were taken by Mr. Mallory.  It may not be generally known, but there is as much difference in daguerreotypes as between cheese and chalk.—Some operators take pictures which others would be ashamed of.  Those who want a first-rate picture should call and get Mallory to ‘point his machine at them’ for about half a minute, and we will agree to treat if he doesn’t produce a ‘counterfeit presentment’ which will give satisfaction.”

We are also informed by the proprietors of this establishment that in addition to furnishing daguerreotype likenesses of the very first order, at very moderate prices, they import directly from Europe and the Eastern cities every description of stock used in their line, which they can and will sell to traveling operators as low as they can buy in New York, or elsewhere in the United States.  Such enterprise deserves encouragement.

J.  A. Mallory is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in Memphis, Tennessee in 1855.

[1] Initial “J. A.”  From Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.

Edwin Church

1853                Address Unknown, New York, New York.                                                                          1853-1854     59 College Street, Nashville, Tennessee.

Edwin Church was recorded first in an announcement in the Nashville Union and American (Nashville, Tennessee) on October 16, 1853.  Col. Dobyns, the extensive Daguerreotypist of Dobyns & Yearout, 59 College Street, who has just returned from his New York establishment, has several improvements which will be introduced in a few days.  We understand that the celebrated artists E. Church, so long and favorably known as one of the best in the city of New York, came out with the Col. For the purpose of remaining permanently in that gallery.  If he surpasses Yearout’s pictures, we should say Nashville will have something to be proud of.  We shall see what we shall see.

An advertisement appeared on September 3 and ran until December 3, 1854 in the same paper. Notice.—The Copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of Dobyns & Church and Dobyns & Co., is dissolved.  No one is authorized to collect debts of the concern but Mr. J. T. Yearout.T. J. Dobyns.

 While this is not new information it does clarify and add to John Craig’s entry for Church in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry.