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H. F. Brooks

1856                Rooms over Store of E. B. Shattuck & Co, Barre, Massachusetts          1857                Upper Rooms in the Brick Block, Barre, Massachusetts.

H. F. Brooks is mentioned in six advertisements in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts.) The first appeared on July 4, 1856. Daguerreotypes!  H. F. Brooks, May be at the rooms heretofore occupied by Mr. Tapley, where he is prepared to furnish people with good Daguerreotypes, and at fair prices.  A complete assortment of Cases and Lockets can be found from which customers can make selections to please their various tastes.  Barre, June 6, 1856.

It is unknown if Mr. Tapley is a daguerreotypist or not.  John Craig list in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry a Charles E. Tapley in Worcester, Massachusetts from 1857-1860 it is unknown if they are the same person.

The second and third advertisements appeared on December 19, 1856 and January 16, 1857.  And announces that Fred Ruggles has taken over the rooms formerly occupied by H. F. Brooks.

The fourth and fifth advertisement are for Brooks & Ruggles which appeared on March 13 and May 1, 1857 which were posted yesterday.

The sixth advertisement ran on September 11, 1857.  Barre Annual Cattle Show and Fair!  Persons visiting Barre during the Fair will find H. F. Brooks Ambrotype Rooms, lust the place to pass an hour or two, where he will be happy to wait upon his friends and take his or her Ambrotype, with that correctness which characterizes the city artist.  Give him a call in Brick Block.  N.B. Remember the place H. F. Brooks.

H. F. Brooks was not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.

Brooks & Ruggles

1857                Brick Block, Barre, Massachusetts.

Brooks & Ruggles were recorded in two advertisements in the Barre Gazette (Barre, Massachusetts) the first on March 13, 1857.  Picture Emporium.  We the undersigned, having leased and fitted up the Upper Rooms in the Brick Block, with all the modern improvements in artistical works, together with a large and splendid Sky-Light, by which light we are enabled to take a picture of from one to twelve persons upon a single plate, are now prepared to furnish all persons wishing for a likeness of themselves or friends, with one, that cannot be surpassed by any other artists.  Brooks & Ruggles.  H. F. Brooks, F. Ruggles

The second advertisement appeared on May 1, 1857.  “I Still Live.”  So said the immortal Webster.  We still live, so say the subscribers, and if the public have any doubt in regard to it, they can be convinced of the fact by calling into our Picture Gallery, at any day, we are ready and waiting to give a cordial welcome to all who may favor us with a call.  Price of Pictures varying from 25 cts. to $10,00.  Rooms in Brick Block.  Brooks & Ruggles.  H. F. Brooks, F. Ruggles, Barre

Brooks & Ruggles were not listed in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.