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F. Tuson

1854                Next door to the Printing Office, Groton, Massachusetts.

F. Tuson was recorded in one announcement in the Groton Mercury (Groton, Massachusetts) on February 28, 1854.  Mr. F. Tuson has opened a daguerreotype room, next door to our printing office.  He exhibits some very neat pictures, and those in want would do well to try him.

F. Tuson is not recorded in other photographic directories.

O. G. Barrett

O. G. Barrett has been recorded in two locations in Massachusetts South Boston and in Groton.

He was recorded in two advertisements in the South Boston Gazette (Boston, Massachusetts.)  The first dated September 7 and ran until the 28th and the second which ran from October 5 through the 26th.  Both advertisements start the same way.   Daguerreotypes Secure the Shadow ere the Substance fades.  The only difference is in the third paragraph where he list prices charged.

Daguerreotypes Secure the Shadow ere the Substance fades. The undersigned desires to inform his friends, and the people of South Boston and vicinity, that he has taken the large and commodious Hall, No. 100 Broadway, near B street; formerly occupied by George F. Taylor, where he has superior advantages for taking first rate pictures, as he operates by a pure north light, which always insures by far the best Daguerreotypes.

They are taken in any weather, and neatly put up in cases, frames, lockets &c, colored or uncolored, single, or in groups.

Prices low, varying according to the size and style of the case, frame, &c. From 75 cents to $3.50 for a single one on a plate; and in groups 50 cents for every one that is added.

A third advertisement appears in the Groton Mercury (Groton, Massachusetts.) in July 1851.

Daguerreotypes. Secure the Shadow ere the Substance fades. The undersigned desires to inform the people of Groton and vicinity, that he has taken Rooms at the house of George P. Bennett, near the Post Office, for the purpose of taking Daguerreotypes, where he will remain only for a few weeks.

They are taken in any weather, and put up in various ways to suit customers. Those who are wishing a good personal likeness of themselves or friends, and the public generally are invited to call and examine specimens.

Also old pictures re-taken, and Daguerreotype likenesses of deceased friends copied in the best manner. Crayon Pictures taken to order at short notice.  O. G. Barrett.  July 4th, 1851.

Barrett was not recorded in A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900.