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George B. Sawyer

1856                Address Unknown, Exeter, New Hampshire.

1856                Address Unknown, Salmon Falls, New Hampshire.

George B. Sawyer was recorded in one advertisement that ran from July 4 to August 15, 1856 in The Union and Eastern Journal (Biddeford, Maine).  Daguerreotype Rooms For Sale.  The subscriber has two rooms, one at Exeter, N. H., and the other at Salmon Falls,—each well located, and doing a good business, with no formidable competition.

The Ambrotype patent right is secured for both places.  I will sell one of them very low, (in order to devote my whole attention to the other,) if application be made soon.  Address, Geo. B. Sawyer, Salmon Falls, N. H.

George B. Sawyer is not recorded in other photographic directories.  It is unknown if he was an image maker or in realestate having the ambrotype patent rights for both locations suggest that he may have been an ambrotypist.