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F. Whitton

1854                Main Street, opposite the Court House, Rooms over Hubbell, Wilson & Eppley’s Store, Eaton, Ohio.

1856                Address and Location Unknown,

F. Whitton was recorded in one advertisement and one announcement.  The advertisement ran from June 8 to September 21, 1854 in the Eaton Democrat (Eaton, Ohio).  F. Whitton, Daguerrean Artist.  Pictures Taken in Clear or Cloudy Weather. 

Rooms over Hubbell, Wilson & Eppley’s Store, opposite the Court House, Main street, Eaton, O.

The announcement appeared on October 23, 1856 in the Marshall County Republican (Plymouth, Indiana).  List of Premiums Awarded at the Second Annual Fair of the Marshall County Agricultural Society Held At Plymouth, October 17th, 1856….14th Class.—Discretionary…

Best Specimens Ambro & Daguerreotypes.  F. Whitton,                  1.00

F. Whitton is not listed in other photographic directories.  It is unknown if the two entries are for the same person, the distance between Eaton, Ohio and Plymouth Indiana is 192 miles.