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F. Taenzer

1858-1859       Union Hotel, Ball Room, Clinton, Louisiana.

F. Taenzer was recorded in One advertisement and one announcement in The Feliciana Democrat (Clinton, Louisiana).  The advertisement ran from September 18, 1858 to January 1, 1859.  Photograph & Oil Painting.  Union Hotel Ball Room.  Having Located in the Town of Clinton, for the purpose of executing all orders in the above art, the subscriber respectfully solicits a share of the public patronage.  Portraits taken by the photographic process, or painted upon canvass, of any size or proportion, from life, or faithfully copied and enlarged from Daguerreotypes, or other pictures.

Buildings, landscapes, military or civic companies, photographed at reasonable rates.

The public generally, are invited to call at his room, at the Union Hotel Ball Room, and examine specimens of his art.  sept. 11.  F. Taenzer.

The announcement ran on November 13, 1858.  Tanezer’s Photograph Gallery.—To those who desire a perfect likeness of themselves, their families, or a copy of a daguerreotype or ambrotype of a deceased relative or friend, we would especially recommend to call on M. Taenzer, in the rooms adjoining White’s Hotel.  They will there have evidence of his ability as an artist; and will be able to procure from him as finished a picture as could be desired.  It is the first time that our citizens have had  the opportunity of procuring the services of such an artist, and as it is not likely such a chance will again present itself they should avail themselves of his stay in our town to procure life-like portraits.  Give him a call, at his rooms east of White’s hotel.  His charges are moderate as his pictures are excellent.

F. Taenzer is not recorded in other photographic directories.