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Charles Carel

1857-1858       Court Street, Rooms over W. Stivers’ Store, Pomeroy, Ohio.                              1858                   Court Street, Rooms over Swallow’s Store, Pomeroy, Ohio.

Charles Carel is first recorded in an announcement and a advertisement on December 29, 1857 in the Meigs County Telegraph (Pomeroy, Ohio.)  Charles Carel is taking fine pictures for forty cents.

The advertisement ran from December 29, 1857 to February 29, 1858.  Cheap Pictures.  I Would respectfully inform the people of Pomeroy and vicinity that I am now taking Splendid and Life-Like Ambrotypes and Melainotypes at Forty Cents.  Also a large assortment of Cases, to suit any taste, and at the most moderate prices.  Room over W. Stivers’ Store.  Entrance on Court street, next door below O. Branch’s store.  Call soon as I warrant my pictures not to fade.  Pictures taken in cloudy as well as clear weather.

In the same newspaper again an announcement followed by an advertisement appeared on  February 16, 1858.  Charles Carel, Daguerrean artist gives notice of his intention to leave Pomeroy, and those who fail to procure the advantages of his low prices for pictures, can but blame themselves.

The advertisement ran from February 16 to March 23, 1858.  “Pitch In.”  Pictures Cheaper Than Ever.  I take this method of informing the public that hereafter I will take splendid and life-like Pictures Cheaper Than Ever.  Also, to call soon, as I can stay in this place but a short time longer.  I will take $1.50 Pictures for $1.25; $1.25 do. for $1; 75 cent do. for 60 cents, and all others in proportion.

Rooms over W. Stivers’ Store.  Entrance on Court street, next door below O. Branch’s store.  Please call soon, as it is the Last chance you will have of getting Splendid Pictures at such low prices.  I warrant my pictures not to fade in any climate.

N. B.—Instruction given in every branch of the art. Price $30. Apply soon.

The next advertisement ran from April 6, 1858 to June 8, 1858.  Carel Still About.  I am Still In Pomeroy, And Shall remain till further notice.  Pictures from 40 cts. to Five Dollars, Warranted not to fade.  A splendid Stock of material on hand.  Call soon and get one of my durable and, if desired, Cheap Pictures.

Rooms over W. Stivers’ Store.  Entrance on Court street, next door below O. Branch’s store.

N. B.—Instruction given in every branch of the art. Price $30. Apply soon.

The following announcement appeared on August 10, 1858 followed by and advertisement.  Carel, the “countenance taker,” has something to say this week, and he says it right out.  Don’t overlook the “document.”  See his card in another column.  When carel is beat in his line, we venture to say he will “draw the drapery of his couch around him”—and quit.

The Advertisement ran from August 10 to 24, 1858.  Read This, Everybody!  Whereas, The proprietor of a “one horse” Picture Boat has taken pains to tell people that my 50 cent Pictures will fade.  I would inform the public that it is Utterly False, as can be proven by Hundreds of my pictures which I have taken during my stay here, of which Not One has ever faded In The Least.

Recollect that I am stationed here permanently, and am Accountable for Every Picture I turn out.  I Warrant my 50 cent pictures and all others to Stand in any climate; if not, Return Them And You Can Have Your Money!  I can always be found at my Gallery, over Swallow’s Store, on Court Street, where I will take Pictures for 50 cents, which I will warrant Never to fade, and which are better and more life-like than those which the “Fellow” referred to above charges  One Dollar for.  I have just received a fine stock of Cases and Material of all kinds, which I will dispose of Cheaper than any floating “gas” concern at or within forty miles of Pomeroy.  Recollect, I Pledge myself to take Better, More Durable and Cheaper Pictures than Any floating concern on the River.  I have settled Permanently in Pomeroy, and if any of my pictures fade, I will always be found ready to refund the money.             Chas. Carel.

On August 24, 1858 J. C. Moore responses to Carel’s advertisement.  For the Telegraph.  Messrs. Editors:  My attention has been called to an advertisement which appeared in your last week’s issue, in which a contemptible scamp signing himself “Chas. Carel,” made an attack upon me and my business, in terms that would have done credit to the vilest blackguard in the land, the whole thing being no more nor less than a perfect tissue of falsehood and slander.

Among other things, he informs the public that he can take “better pictures for 50 cents than we do for one dollar.”  Now, Mr. Editor, in order to test the sincerity of the above piece of hombast, we make the above mentioned “Charles Carel.” the following proposition, which we dare him to accept.  We will deposit 50 or $100, in the hands of any responsible citizen of Pomeroy, he to deposit a like amount with the same.  He can take any citizen he may choose, and take two, four, or six impressions—do his best.  We take the same person and take one-half the number he does, and send the pictures to Cincinnati to three Artist.  He to select one, we another and they a third, and the “fellow” who makes the best picture takes the whole amount of money so deposited.  As the aforesaid “Chas.” Is of a sporting turn, we may expect to have some fun when he accepts the above proposition.  In conclusion I will say to the public that I am now taking very much finer pictures than have ever been taken in Pomeroy, as I do not work in a half-house side light room, but am provided with the best arranged light ever on the Ohio River.  Remember we take no 25 cent shadows, but warrant every pictures for all time.

N. B. The public are respectfully invited to call on board and examine our specimens, and compare them with some of “Carel’s,” which we have taken over.     J. C. Moore, Floating Artist.

On October 26, 1858 the following notice appears.  Mr. E. Feiger has bought out the Daguerrean Gallery in Swallow’s building, on Court street, and proposes taking pictures of all kinds as cheap and good as has before been taken in this place.  See advertisement.

Charles Carel is not listed in other photographic directories during the scope of the project dates.  He possibly is listed in Ohio Photographers, 1839-1900.  Diane list a Carel (no first name) in Gallipolis in 1860-1865, and a Charles Carel in Gallipolis from 1866-1884.  Pomeroy is about twenty miles from Gallipolis.