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A. Chiesman

1859                Two Doors North of the Disciple Church, Chardon, Ohio.

A. Chiesman is recorded in an announcement and advertisement that ran from October 7 to November 18, 1859 in The Jeffersonian Democrat (Chardon, Ohio.) Read the advertisement of Mr. A. Chiesman’s Jewelry Shop and Ambrotype Gallery, which we publish this week…

Chiesman’s Ambrotype Gallery, Two doors north of the Disciple Church, (Nearly Opposite Mr. Chase’s Hotel.)  Chardon, O.  Correct Likeness and Case from 25 Cents upwards.

Chiesman was not recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian but was listed in Ohio Photographers 1839-1900.  As a daguerreotypist in 1859 on South Street, Chardon.  It’s not uncommon that photographers often have other occupations, especially in rural communities.