J. S. Variell

1857-1859       Opposite the Gardiner Hotel, Gardiner, Maine.

J. S. Variell was recorded in two advertisements and one announcement in the Maine Rural  (Gardiner, Maine).  The first advertisement was recorded eleven times between February 19 to June 4, 1859.  Notice.  Photographs And Ambrotypes.  (repeated six times.)  The subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens of Gardiner and Vicinity that he has take the Gallery Formerly occupied by Beal’s, opposite the Gardiner Hotel, and is prepared to execute all work pertaining to the Photographic Art, In all its branches, in the Best Manner, And hopes by fair and honorable dealings to merit the public favor and patronage.  J. S. Variell, Gardiner, Jan. 22, 1857. 

The announcement appeared on July 30, 1859.  Nice Pictures.—We have in our possession some nice “Counterfeit presentments” of certain of our friends, executed by Variell, at his Ambrotype Gallery, opposite the Gardiner Hotel.  He is a real artist, is Variell, and pursues his vocation with a real love, for its details and a warm zeal for its perfection.  Varielly-Varielly we say unto you, reader, if thou hast pictures to be taken, prepare to have Variell “do” them for you!  So shall thou return to thy home fully satisfied.  See Advertisement.

The second advertisement ran from July 30 to December 31, 1859.  Found!!!  Premium Ambrotype Rooms!!  Emigrants To California Take Notice!!!  J. S. Variell would call the attention of the citizens of Gardiner and vicinity, to his large stock of Cases, which comprises every description and pattern to be found in any market, and will furnish them together with a picture, Cheaper than at any other establishment on the river or elsewhere.  Pictures of all descriptions from 20 Cents to 25 Dollars.

Don’t forget that the proprietor of this establishment will furnish Pictures cheaper than the same article can be had at any other Picture Gallery in this State, and at the shortest notice.

J. S. V. has fitted up his rooms with instruments of the first class, and flatters himself that he can give perfect satisfaction to all who may favor him with a call, both in Pictures And Prices.

N. B.—Collodion and Varnishes manufactured by myself.  Also Chemicals And Stock of all kinds, for sale, Wholesale and Retail, at my rooms, directly opposite the Gardiner Hotel.  J. S. Variell.  Gardiner July 19th, 1859.

J. S. Variell is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as being active in 1860 in Gardiner, Maine.

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