J. Trott

1858-1859       Rooms Opposite the Depot, Warren, Rhode Island.

1860                Rooms Near the Depot, Warren, Rhode Island.

J. Trott was recorded in three advertisements in the Warren Telegraph (Warren, Rhode Island).  The firs advertisement was recorded on July 23, 1859.  Back Again!  J. Trott is back at his old quarters with his Ambrotype and Photograph Apparatus, prepared to furnish as good pictures as can be obtained at any other Saloon, and at as low price.  Call and see for yourselves.  jy9.

The second advertisement was recorded on July 23, 1859.  Ambrotype And Photograph Saloon!  The Subscriber having fitted up rooms in the building formerly occupied by H. D. Maxfield, opposite the Depot, respectfully announces that he is prepared to put up the above style of Pictures in the most perfect manner, being permanently secured and warranted not to fade in any climate, from the smallest to the largest size, and neatly set in lockets, Pins, Rings, Cases and Frames, of which he has a supply constantly on hand.

Copying done in the best possible manner, and the copy warranted to be as good as the original picture.

Perfect satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.

The public are invited to call and examine his Pictures.  J. Trott, Artist.  Warren, Dec. 25, 1858.

The third advertisement was recorded on June 2 and July 7, 1860.  Ambrotypes & Photographs J. Trott would respectfully inform the citizens of Warren and vicinity, that he will open his Rooms, near the Depot, on Monday Next, Dec. 19, when he will be prepared to take the above beautiful styles of pictures in the most perfect manner.

J. Trott is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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