1853                6 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

McClure was mentioned in one advertisement that appeared on October 17, 1853 in the New Orleans Daily Crescent (New Orleans, Louisiana).  Daguerreotypes.—The Daguerreotyping Saloon of Messrs. Dobbyns & Harrington, on the corner of Camp and Canal streets, are now in active operation under the superintendence of Mr. McClure, the acting Operator.  These rooms contain a large and well selected stock of materials for taking likenesses according to the most approve method, and the pictures taken give general satisfaction.  The operation is almost instantaneous, and the results in all cases a true type of the features, even to the slightest shades of expression.  The specimens exhibited at these rooms are of such a various character that a visit to them is equivalent to a stroll through an extensive picture gallery.  The operator, Mr. McClure, has brought the art of coloring the pictures to the nicest perfection, imparting a tint to the complexion exceedingly life-like, and in a manner always true to the reality.  Persons having relations and friends at a distance, or who wish to preserve the likenesses of those in whom they are interested, may here find a ready means for engraving their features on lasting materials, which are unchangeable, and which will not deteriorate through time.  Plates of every description may be obtained here, and on the most accommodating terms.  Strangers in the city should not fail to gratify their curiosity by paying these rooms a visit.

McClure is not recorded in other photographic directories as being active in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Craig’s Daguerreian Register does list a J. S. McClure in Mobile, Alabama in 1859.  It is unknown if they are the same person at this time.

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