Willard McDaniel

1858                Address Unknown, Derby, Vermont.

1858                Address Unknown, Barton, Vermont.

Willard McDaniel was recorded in one announcement that appeared on November 18, 1858 in the St. Albans Messenger (St. Albans, Vermont).  Counterfeiters.  Willard McDaniel, a daguerreotypist has been arrested at St. Johnsbury, on charges of passing several bills on the Andover and Worcester County Banks, which prove to be counterfeit.  He acknowledges the passing of them, but alleges he did not know them to be spurious, but took them for good money, in the way of his business at Derby and Barton.  He first passed one of these bills upon the conductor for his fare, then one each to Messrs. Cook & Horton on Railroad Street, and Boles & Lynch on the Plain.  In each case he bought some simple things and received his change in good money.  It was not known that they were counterfeit bills until taken to the Passumpsic Bank for exchange when the cashier at once pronounced them spurious; and the one who passed them was looked up and arrested before he left the place.  McDaniel is an unmarried man, about twenty four years old, and respectable connected.—Caledonian.

Willard McDaniel is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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