A. Kaufmann

1847                Wetumpka Hotel, Wetumpka, Alabama.

1847                Mr. Lawson’s Tavern, Talladega, Alabama.

A. Kaufmann (or Kaufman) was recorded in one announcement and two advertisements.  The announcement appeared June 8, 1847 in The State Guard (Wetumpka, Alabama). Daguerreotype Portraits.  We would call the attention of those who are desirous of having a good likeness of themselves or friends, to the advertisement of Mr. Kaufman in to-day’s paper.  We have seen several specimens of Mr. Kaufmann’s work, and we think that he can take as perfect likeness, and finishes as well as any Artist we have ever seen.  Those desirous of having such work would do well to visit his rooms at the Wetumpka Hotel.

The first advertisement ran from June 8 to 22, 1847 in The State Guard (Wetumpka, Alabama). 

Daguerreotype Portraits.  “Secure a shadow, before the substance vanishes.”  A Kaufmann respectfully announces to the citizens of Wetumpka and vicinity that he is at the Wetumpka Hotel, where he will remain a few days, and is well prepared to execute Daguerreotype Likenesses by the most improved Daguerrean process, and is in hopes that the neat and perfect execution of his work will justify him in procuring a reasonable portion of patronage.  He having become acquainted with all the recent improvements in the system, hazard nothing in saving that his Pictures, for distinctness and brilliancy, and for their truthfulness in feature, are entirely unsurpassed; and he respectfully asks all persons to satisfy themselves of their superiority by examining his specimens.

Likenesses taken in any weather, and enclosed in fine Morocco Cases, handsomely finished, in a few minutes time, at the low price of $3.

Miniatures of all sizes taken and inserted in Breast Pins, Lockets, etc.

Copies taken of Family Portraits and Paintings of any kind.

Every Likeness made satisfactory to the sitter or no charge made.

The second advertisement was recorded on August 12, 1847 in the Alabama Reporter (Talladega, Alabama).  Daguerreotype Portraits.  “Secure a shadow before the substance vanishes.”  A. Kaufman announces to the Ladies and Gentlemen of this place and vicinity, that he has opened a room for the purpose of taking Daguerreotype Likenesses.

A Kaufman is a pupil of Mr. Daguerre himself, and is constant correspondence with him whereby he is enabled to take his portraits with the very latest improvements.  His room is at Mr. Lawson’s Tavern, where many specimens are exhibited.

Likenesses made satisfactory or no charge.

Price $4.00.  To Clubs of 20 or 25 persons a reduction will be made.

Instructions given at a reasonable price.  Talladega, July 8, 1847.

A. Kaufmann or Kaufman is recorded in Shot In Alabama A History of Photography 1939-1941and a List of Photographers as being active in 1847 in Talladega, Alabama.

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