James Keagy

1850                Rooms at the Court House, Charles Town, Virginia.

1851-1852       Rooms at the Va. House, Staunton, Virginia.

1852-1853       Rooms opposite the Spectator Office, Staunton, Virginia.

1855                Gallery next door to the Virginia Bank, Lynchburg, Virginia.[1]

James Keagy was recorded in three announcements and six advertisements in four different newspapers.  The first announcement appeared on April 16, 1850 in the Spirit of Jefferson  (Charles Town, Virginia).  Daguerreotypes.  Mr. Keagy, a daguerrean Artist of considerable merit, is now sojourning in our town, and has his rooms at the Court House.  He has already taken some among the finest likenesses we have ever seen, and is prepared to do any work pertaining to the Daguerrean art.

The first advertisement was recorded on 16, 1850 in the Spirit of Jefferson (Charles Town, Virginia).  Daguerreotype Miniatures Taken In The Best Style By J. Keagy, Daguerrian Artist.  Rooms at the Court-House, where he will remain but a short time, for the purpose of taking Miniatures by the improved Daguerrian process.

The Ladies and Gentlemen of Charlestown and Jefferson and cordially invited to call and examine Specimens which the subscriber feels confident will commend him to the patronage of all who wish good Daguerreotype Portraits.

N. B. These Miniatures are taken in all kinds of weather.  Miniatures set in Lockets, Rings, etc. in the best style.

The second advertisement ran from October 29, 1851 to July 21, 1852 in the Staunton Spectator (and Vindicator) (Staunton, Virginia).  Daguerreotype Miniatures.  The subscriber begs the attention of the ladies and Gentlemen of Staunton and the adjacent country, to his collection of splendid Daguerreotypes.  He takes them in an entirely new style.—Please call soon Ladies and Gentlemen, as my stay will be short.  Rooms at the Va. House.  James Keagy.

The third advertisement ran from July 28 to December 22, 1852 in the Staunton Spectator (and Vindicator) (Staunton, Virginia).  Staunton Sky-Light Daguerrean Gallery.  The subscriber has just opened his new Daguerrean Gallery, opposite the Spectator Office, where he will be happy to see all who are at all interested in the beautiful art of Photography.

Having a fine sky and side lights and every other facility, he is prepared to produce the finest results of which the art is capable.  The very great advantage of sky-light is known to all who have given any attention to the subject.  Entire satisfaction given in all cases, or no charge.

Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.  Dark dressing greatly preferable.  J. Keagy.

The fourth advertisement ran from December 22, 1852 to January 19, 1853 in the Staunton Spectator (and Vindicator) (Staunton, Virginia).  Call at once if you wish Splendid Daguerreotypes of yourself or friends.  J. Keagy has just returned from New York, where he has been for the purpose of improving himself in his profession.  He is now making the finest pictures ever made in the Valley of Virginia.  He has an entirely new style of picture, which is surpassingly beautiful—the Stereoscope, one of the great wonders of the age.  Call at once and see specimens.  The apparatus is entirely new and of very large size.

The fifth advertisement ran on January 19 & 26, 1853 in the Staunton Spectator (and Vindicator) (Staunton, Virginia).  J. Keagy, Daguerreanist, Respectfully requests all persons indebted to him, to call and settle their accounts, as he intends leaving town in about two weeks, not to return.

The second announcement 1853 February 2.  Staunton Spectator (and Vindicator).  (Staunton, Virginia.)  February 2, 1853, Vol. XXX, No. XII, P. 2.

Mr. Jas. Keagy, Daguerreotypist, desires us to say that he will remain in Staunton only one week longer.  Persons having business with him will please call at his rooms immediately.

The third announcement appeared on October 15, 1855 in The Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia).… We publish elsewhere the farewell card of Mr. P. E. Gibbs, who leaves this city for Richmond.  We can but express regret at the departure from us of so accomplished an artist and worthy citizen as Mr. G. [  ?  ] congratulate the people of Richmond on his accession to that city.  As a daguerrean artist we regard Mr. Gibbs as without a superior anywhere.  He leaves the assurance that his place will be well filled in the person of his successor, Mr. Keagy.—Lynchburg Virginian, Oct. 12.

The sixth advertisement appeared on August 26, 1856 in the Lynchburg Daily Virginian (Lynchburg, Virginia).  A Card.—Having sold my interest in the Daguerrean Gallery, in this place. To Mr. James Keagy, I would respectfully recommend to the favorable attention of the public as a skillful Artist, and a gentleman on whom they may rely.  Come, then, and secure one of his inimitable Ambrotypes, which can only be procured of him in this city.

In taking my leave, I would return thanks for the liberal patronage and kind attention received from a generous public, during a residence if over eight years.  P. E. Gibbs.  Oct. 12. James Keagy is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Several notes first J. Keagy first appeared in the blog on September 29, 2019.  Since then more information has been found.  Second is the name of the newspaper Staunton Spectator (and Vindicator) the online newspaper records the newspaper under this title, the masthead is recorded as Staunton Spectator.

[1] Address from Peter E. Gibbs 1853 advertisement.

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