William A. Johnson

1845                Address Unknown, New Haven, Connecticut.

1845                Thames & Mary Streets, Newport, Rhode Island.

1845-1846       Union Bank Building, Thames Street, Newport, Rhode Island.

William A. Johnson was recorded in one announcement and five advertisements five in the Herald of the Times (Newport, Rhode Island).  The announcement appeared on May 6, 1845. Daguerreotypes.—A “Daguerrian Gallery” has recently been opened in the building, corner of Thames & Mary-streets by Mr. Wm. A, Judson, an experienced artist, who has been a long time engaged in the business at New Haven, Con.  We have seen a number of specimens taken by Mr. J. and think they are equal, and in some respects superior, to any we have ever seen.  See advertisement.

The first advertisement appeared on May 6, 1845.  Daguerreotype Likenesses.  Corner of Thames & Mary streets.  The subscriber respectfully gives notice to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Newport, and vicinity, that he has opened a Daguerrean Gallery, at the above place, where The Most Superb Photographs, May Be Obtained.

The Miniatures which have been taken at this Gallery, have been universally assigned the position of superiority—each picture clearly presenting the beauties, colors, and expressions of life, and combining all the late improvements of the art.

The Ladies and Gentlemen of Newport are invited to call and examine the specimens, whether they intend sitting for a miniature or not.  The rooms are open from 8 o’clock a. m. till 5 p. m. where likenesses will be taken without regard to weather, at the reduced price of $2.50.

Two or more Likenesses taken on the same plate, & put up either in Pins, Lockets, or Frames.

Persons having portraits, can have them copied to be put in cases, lockets, &c.  Wm. A. Judson.

The second advertisement ran from May 5 to July 17, 1845. Newport Daguerrean Gallery, Thames Street, (Rhode Island Union Bank Building.) Wm. Henry Franklin, From Plumb’s Daguerrean Gallery, N. Y. and Wm. A. Judson, From T. Hart’s Daguerrean Gallery, New Haven. Having purchased the interest of Mr. Henry M. Brownell, beg leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen, of Newport, that they are prepared to execute Daguerrean Likenesses in a style unsurpassed.–Being thoroughly conversant with all the modern improvements, their Pictures cannot fail to please. No pictures will be allowed to leave their Gallery unless it gives perfect satisfaction.

Likenesses taken for lockets, Broaches, and Finger Rings.

The public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens whether they intend sitting or not.

Instructions given, and apparatus together with chemicals furnished, on reasonable terms.

Likenesses taken without regard to weather.

The third advertisement ran from September 18 to November 20, 1845.  Newport Daguerrean Gallery, Thames-Street.  Rhode Island Union Bank Building.  William A. Judson, Would respectfully invite all who wish accurate and beautiful Miniatures of themselves or friends to call immediately at his Rooms, Union Bank Building, Thames street.  Delay not, or you may spend years of unavailing sorrow when it is to late to repair the loss.  Many who are in rudy health, and fondly dreaming of a long and prosperous future, ere long will be consigned the affectionate brother or sister, then would be a faithful transcript of the loved and lost.

Miniatures taken without regard to weather between the hours of 8o’clock, a.m. and 4 p.m.  Sept. 4.

The fourth advertisement ran from December 18, 1845 to January 1, 1846.  Photographic Miniatures.  The subscriber has just received from New York, a fresh supply of Plates and Cases, (of the best materials,) and is now prepared to execute likenesses in a superior style, for all who will please to favor him with a call.  Miniatures taken every day, between the hours of 9o’clock A. M. to 4 P. M.  Portraits or Paintings of any description, accurately copied, and at short notice.  William A. Judson.  R. I. Union Bank Building.

The fifth advertisement ran from March 31 to July 23, 1846.  Newport Photographic Depot, R.I. Union Bank Building, Thames-street.  The subscriber would respectfully give notice, to the Ladies and gentlemen of this place and vicinity, that he has taken and refitted the rooms formerly occupied by him, in the R. I. Union Bank Building, for the purpose of executing Miniatures by the Daguerreotype Process,  Having but a short time since returning from New York, with all the latest improvements, he feels confident that he can give those that will honor him with a call, a miniature superior in tone, and finish, to any ever before offered to the public, and at prices that cannot fail to please.

None know how to appreciate these Miniatures, until they are called to part with a near relation, or an intimate friend, when perhaps it may be too late, to catch the light ere their shadow fades; therefore those that wish a correct likeness, as well as a fine picture, of themselves, or friends, will do well to give an early call.

Any person having fine Paintings, Portraits or Miniatures, can have them copied with great accuracy.

These Miniatures can be set in Lockets, Pins, Frames, Cases, &c.to suit the purchaser.

Persons sitting for a Miniature at these rooms, is warranted a perfect Likeness or no charge.

Miniatures can be taken as accurate in cloudy weather, as in pleasant, between the hours of 8 A. M. and 4 P. M.   William A. Judson.

William A. Judson is not recorded as being active in Rhode Island in other photographic directories. 

William A. Judson is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry as W. A. Judson and being active in New Haven & New Britain, Connecticut from 1851-1855.

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