J. H. Johnson

1855-1856       Rooms over J. B.H. Campbell’s Drug Store, Cumberland, Maryland.

1856                Rooms Opposite the Post Office, in the New Block, Cumberland, Maryland.

J. H. Johnson was recorded in one advertisement that appeared on January 10, 1856 in the Cumberland Telegraph and Maryland Mining Register (Cumberland, Maryland).  Beautiful Sky-Light Daguerreotypes.  The undersigned having purchased a full assortment of the finest material, is now prepared to take likenesses in the highest style of the art, beautiful as nature and perfectly life-like.

Having recently removed from the Rooms over J. B. H. Campbell’s Drug Store, to the splendid Sky-Light Daguerrean Rooms, fitted up expressly for him in the new block of buildings immediately opposite the Post Office, where he respectfully invites all who desire cheap and handsome likenesses of themselves or friends, to call and see him.

Ambrotypes a great improvement upon the Daguerreotype, being more soft and beautiful are now taken by the subscriber upon reasonable terms.—Call and examine them.  J. H. Johnson.

J. H. Johnson is not recorded in other photographic directories.  Only one issue was available to reference.

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