Charles Graver

1857-1858       Address Unknown, Plaquemine, Louisiana.

Charles Graver was recorded in one announcement and one advertisement in the Southern Sentinel (Plaquemine, Louisiana).  The announcement appeared on December 12, 1857. 

Ambrotyping.—It will be seen by the card of Mr. Graver that he has arrived in our town, and proposes introducing our citizens to his beautiful art of Crystalographing and Ambrotyping.  Those who have not yet taken advantage of this beautiful art to perpetuate their own or the features of those whom they love, should not lose the present opportunity.  Mr. G. guarantees that his pictures cannot be surpassed; and he speaks with confidence which gives surety that he is a perfect master of his art.  See his card.

The advertisement ran from December 12, 1857 to January 13, 1858.  Crystalographs and Ambrotypes!  Charles Graver Has the honor to inform the citizens of Plaquemine and vicinity that he has arrived for the purpose of submitting to their respectful notice his peculiar style of taking those beautiful, mellow toned and everlasting images called Crystalographs and Ambrotypes!

The Crystalograph is a positive Photographic image, taken on glass.  It possesses a boldness of relief, a softness, a commingling of light and shade, a distinctness and delicacy of tone, which eclipses every other kind of sun drawn picture.

Any lady or gentleman having in their possession pictures taken in New Orleans, the Northern States or elsewhere, are urgently requested to bring them up to the Gallery for comparison, and if I cannot produce a picture which, for striking resemblance, elegance of position, pure natural flesh color, nice gradation of light and shade and harmony of tone, infinitely surpassing the specimen brought, no charge will be made.

All lovers of the beautiful in the Fine Arts are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens, whether they wish pictures or not.

Black silk or plaid dresses preferable to all others.

When a family is taken a large deduction will be made.      

Crystalograph copies taken from Daguerreotypes, and improved on the original.

Equally fine pictures taken in cloudy as in fine weather.

Other operators’ pictures taken over at a very low figure.

Prices varying from $2.50 to $5.00.

Parties anxious to secure pictures which cannot be excelled by Any in the United States or in Europe, are requested to call immediately, as the operator’s stay is very limited.    

Charles Graver is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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