L. J. Gildersleeve

1858-1859       Address Unknown, Fayetteville, Tennessee.

L. J. Gildersleeve was recorded in two advertisements in the Fayetteville Observer Fayetteville, Tennessee.  Both advertisement were recorded eight time between December 23, 1858 and April 21, 1859.  Christmas Coming.  And with it a great variety of fancies and fineries suitable for gifts for the occasion, such as fine Jewelry, Silver Ware, fancy China Pictures, and fancy and toilet Goods generally, all of which may be had at Gildersleeve’s at low prices.

We are, also prepared to furnish the patent Ambrotype—the finest and most durable picture made—to those who may wish to give a copy of their pretty faces as a memorial to particular friends.  We are the only party in this part of the State in possession of the process, and having the right to use it.

We also take the plain Ambrotype and Melainotype at low-prices.

Particular attention given to work on Watches and every description of Time Pieces.  A great variety of Clocks for sale very low.

Pictures!  Pictures!  Patent Ambrotypes!  L. J. Gildersleeve Has made arrangements with the owners of the right of the process in this State, for taking these inimitable pictures, and is now prepared to furnish all who may wish really fine and durable pictures in style unsurpassed.  Pictures by this process have never been taken in this part of the country, as it is known only to the patentees and their assignees.  They are unequalled by any other.—Rooms in connection with the Jewelry Store.  Pictures taken in all kinds of weather.

L. J. Gildersleeve is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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