1852                195 Broadway, New York, New York.

Fowler was recorded in two advertisements in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  The first appeared on November 1, 1852.  Daguerreotypes Wanted—Two Second hand daguerreotype apparatus, one half size, and one quarter do., with coating boxes, baths, plates, vice, &c.  Any person having the above to dispose of will find a purchaser by calling at Fowler’s rooms, 195 Broadway, from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M.  This remains open for one week.

The second appeared on November 8, 1852.  Wanted—A Partner, With A Small Capital, to invest in the daguerreotype business, to travel South.  The art taught gratis, if required.  Also, two half sized second-hand cameras; also, one pupil and one boy.  Apply at Fowler’s daguerrean rooms, 195 Broadway, between the hours of 9 A. M. and 3 P. M.

Fowler is not listed in other photographic directories as being active in New York City in 1852 at 195 Broadway.  There is a listing for William H. Flower in 1852 at 208 Bowery, it is possible they are the same person.

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