F.M. Foster

1849-1850       Rooms over W. R. Reynolds’s Store, third story, Jackson, Michigan.

F. M. Foster was recorded in two advertisements in the Jackson Citizen (Jackson, Michigan).  The first advertisement appeared on October 31, 1849.  F. M. Foster.  Daguerrean Artist, Jackson, Michigan.  Rooms over W. R. Reynold’s Store, third story.

The second advertisement ran from November 7, 1849 to January 23, 1850.  The Subscriber respectfully announces to the citizens of Jackson and vicinity that he has taken rooms as above, where he is prepared to execute Daguerreotype Miniatures, in a neat , permanent and fashionable styles, and with all the latest improvements in this wonderful and beautiful art.  From long experience in the business, and being furnished with an extensive apparatus including a splendid German Camera of large size, imported from Vienna, he flatters himself that he will be able to execute miniatures in a style unsurpassed in this country.

Paintings And Engravings Beautifully and accurately copied; also, likenesses of sick or deceased persons taken at their residence.  Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and examine specimens.  Persons intending to sit for likenesses are informed that black or dark dresses gives the best effect in Daguerreotypes. 

Instructions given in the art, in all its various branches, including galvanizing, bronzing, manufacture of chemicals, &c.  Apparatus and materials of every kind furnished.  F, M. Foster.  October 24, 1849.

F.M. Foster is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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