George Doak

1851-1855       127 Anthony Street, New York, New York.

George Doak was recorded in the New York City Directory from 1845-1859.  He was also recorded in the April 1851 issue of The Photographic Art-Journal,  and one advertisement in The New York Herald.  In 1843/1844 and 1844/1845he was not listed in the NYC directories.  From 1845/1846 directory to 1859/1860 directory he was listed as a Turner.  The one exception was 1856/1857 when he was listed as a Turner  & Patternmaker.

1845/1846 he was listed at 124 Mercer.

1846/1847 he was listed at 19 Canal.

1847/1848 & 1848/1849 he was listed without a business.  

1849/1850 & 1850/1851 he was listed at 39 Greene.

1851/1852 to1854/1855 he was listed at127 Anthony. 

1855/1856 to 1857/1858 he was listed at 127 Worth. 

1858/1859 he was listed at 218 Centre. 

1859/1860 he was listed at 215 Centre.  

From 1845 to 1858 he lived at 163 Greene. In 1859 he resident was at 12 Rush, Brooklyn.

On April 1851 he was recorded in The Photographic Art-Journal.  Doak’s Camera Stand.  The above engraving represents a new style of camera stand for the double whole size instrument, invented and manufactured by Mr. George Doak, 127 Anthony-st., New York.  A glance at it is all that is required to convince any one of its superiority for the purpose for which it is intended.  The instrument is elevated or depressed by means of the wheel C; through which the screw rod B passes.  A, is the screw for inclining the camera box to the proper angle; D, the set screw for securing the instrument at the proper height:  E, a thumb screw for fastening the top of the stand, which revolves on a pivot.  Messrs. Gurney, Lawrence and Harrison, each use these stands, and pronounce to be superior to any article of the kind in use.  We are decidedly of the same opinion.

The advertisement was recorded on May 24, 1855 in The New York Herald (New York, New York).  To Daguerreotypist.—For Sale, a Quantity of apparatus, consisting of cameras, coating boxes, buffing wheel, &c.  Apply to George Doak, 127 Anthony street, in the rear.

George Doak is recorded in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry under George Doack.  The advertisement raises the question was he making Daguerreotypes?  Possibly as an amateur image maker?  

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