Henry M. Brownell

1845                Thames Street, Newport, Rhode Island.

Henry M. Brownell was recorded in one advertisement and was mentioned in one announcement.  The advertisement ran from May 3 to 24, 1845 in the Newport Mercury  (Newport, Rhode Island).  Daguerrian Gallery Of Inimitable Colored Photographs.  The subscriber would respectfully give notice to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Newport and vicinity, that he has taken rooms in Thames Street, (One door North of Townsends Hotel.) where the most beautiful photographs may be obtained, and having obtained all the late improvements he feels confident of giving satisfaction to all who may sit at his rooms for Miniatures.

Each picture presents all the colors and expressions of life, and are warranted to be permanent.

No person is expected to take a likeness from his room unless Perfectly Satisfied with the same.

He would respectfully invite the Ladies and Gentlemen to call and examine specimens, whether they intend sitting for a miniature or not.  Henry Brownell.

The announcement appeared on May 29, 1845 in the Herald of the Times (Newport, Rhode Island).  Newport Daguerrean Gallery, Thames Street, (Rhode Island Union Bank Building.)  Wm. Henry Franklin, From Plumbe’s Daguerrean Gallery, N. Y. and Wm. A. Judson, From T. Hart’s Daguerrean Gallery, New Haven, Having purchased the interest of Mr. Henry M. Brownell, beg leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen, of Newport, that they are prepared to execute Daguerrean Likenesses in a style unsurpassed.—Being thoroughly conversant with all the modern improvements, their Pictures cannot fail to please.  No picture will be allowed to leave their Gallery unless it gives perfect satisfaction.

Likenesses taken for lockets, Broaches, and Finger Rings.

The public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens whether they intend sitting or not.

Instructions given, and apparatus together with chemicals furnished, on reasonable terms.

Likenesses taken without regard to weather.

Henry M. Brownell is not recorded in other photographic directories.

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